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We do not recommend brand new lash artists get overly consumed with lash mapping. However, it is still important to have a basic understanding of lash mapping. The more you continue to practice lash extensions, the more important lash mapping/styling will become.


Ever see those pictures a lash artist posts and wonder what all of the numbers on the lash pad are? This is a process that lash artists use to keep both of their eyes completely even, called lash mapping.

In this picture, the numbers on the lash pads are the lengths that should be used in that section to create your clients desired look.

Lash mapping is great for beginners because it is so easy to do.


1. With the client’s eyes open, determine eye shape.

2. Ask the client what kind of look she/he is going for. Download this guide to visually show your client.

3. After talking to your client about what shape she would like, simply write the numbers of the lengths you want to use on your lash pad with any marker or pen.

4. Once you apply the under eye pad, apply the lash map sticker on top of the eye pad.

5. Start lashing! This process makes applying a full set of lashes a breeze because the hard work is done for you!

Each of these steps is broken-out into further detail below.

1. Determine Eye Shape

2. Talk To Client About Desired Look

3. Write Numbers On Your Lash Stickers

Adjust the numbers up and down in proportion according to your client’s desired maximum length. The numbers represent the lash extension length.

4. Apply Sticker Over Eye Pad

Quiz Yourself

Answer the questions below and then check your answers by clicking the down arrow next to it. Just a reminder…there is a final exam at the end of this course and in order to receive your certificate, you will need to pass it. Re-read the information above if you didn’t pass the quiz below.

It is a plan written-out on a sticker or the under eye pad showing where you will apply each lash length.
No, you don’t have to. It does help you as a beginner lash artist to create more even and well-designed lash sets.
Reflection Questions:

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