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Step 3: Glue rod to the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.

  • This is important because if you glue farther away from the lash line, your lift/curl could not turn out as pretty or as dramatic.
  • First, apply your lash lift glue (it is water-soluble) to the back of the silicone rod
  • Second, position the rod onto the lash line and hold in place until it sticks on its own. You may need to add a little more glue under the rod in areas to get it to stick. Make sure it completely adheres to the skin before you move on.
  • With a tiny microfiber wand, check to make sure no lashes are stuck under the rod as those will not get permed/lifted. If any are stuck, gently pull them out from under the rod and adhere them to the rod.
  • Ask your client if anything is burning or stinging. You will be asking this many times throughout the service.

Step 4: Glue lashes onto rods using a metal or plastic tool very straight back.

  • The lashes will “perm” in the direction they are pointing on the rod. If you glue the lashes at an angle, the lashes will perm at an angle and you may have an unhappy client. Take your time gluing the lashes as straight as possible onto the rod. See the example below.


Silicone rods typically come in 3 sizes:
Small ​

  • You will choose based-upon the length of the lashes and desired curl. Someone with short lashes will get the small rod, medium-length will get medium, and long lashes will get large.
  • Using a small rod on someone with medium-length lashes will give a more dramatic curl/lift. ​

Touch your client’s temples with the side of your hand before you touch the client’s eye area so they have a heads-up and aren’t startled when you touch them. Remember, their eyes are closed and if you are coming towards their face without a “warning touch”, you may startle them, and they may experience the feeling of anxiety.

The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.”


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