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Why is it important to understand the lash growth cycle and how should you explain it to a client?

Want to be a successful lash lift artist? Be a great communicator! You will need to be able to clearly explain to a client why the client will want to get a lash extension fill/re-lash in 2-4 weeks to keep their lashes looking beautiful. In order to properly explain this, it takes understanding the lash growth cycle.

As the client’s natural lash grows (just like head hair grows), the extension grows with it and if too much time passes in-between appointments, the lash extensions may turn and poke the client in the eye.

Why? Because the weight at the end of the natural lash (the extension) is heavier than at the base or the natural lash. This is also why you will want to make sure the extensions are glued close, but not on, the lash line. By gluing them close to the lash line, your client’s lash extensions will have a longer period of time to grow out before twisting. 

Also, as the client’s natural lashes with extensions attached fall out, new natural lashes will grow back in their place. And, those new lashes will need new extensions attached to them. 

We will discuss this more as the course continues so don’t worry if you don’t completely understand this just yet! 


First, the anagen phase is the growth phase of hair follicles. Often called “baby lashes”. This lasts about 30 days.

The second, catagen phase, is a transitional phase following the anagen phase. It concludes the active growth phase of the eyelash and releases it from the hair root. This phase lasts between approximately 2-4 weeks.

The third, telogen phase is the resting phase of the hair follicle. This ends the growth cycle the eyelash is pushed out by the new eyelash growth.


Lash hairs start growth down in the subcutaneous fat layer where they have a blood supply. There are multiple layers, like an onion, of a hair. Check out the illustrations below to understand the anatomy of a hair.


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Every 2-5 weeks after their initial full-set until they decide to get the extensions removed or let them fall out on their own.

Clear and well-informed communication skills! Lash artists who are well-educated in everything they could possibly know about lash extensions and who can clearly and kindly communicate with clients, will have a better chance of having a strong client base.

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